About Us

Since 2009, we have been supplying unique agency wine, sake, whisky, water and keg drinks to local hotels and restaurant groups in Hong Kong and Macau. One key characteristic that sets us apart is that we manage our own state-of-the-art temperature and humidity controlled warehouse, which means our products are kept in the best environment possible.

Cuvees Fine Wines is an extension of our existing wine business, but with a focus on rare and fine open-market wines. This project was conceived with the notion that we provide our customers during decision-making, only the most relevant information, in the most basic manner and at the most competitive prices. We place equal importance on the provenance of our wines - we scrutinize every bottle that passes through our warehouse and a stringent process to only source from chateaux and domaines directly, or from the most reputable partners.

We hope you like the platform we have created, as much as we have enjoyed putting this together. We welcome any constructive comments to help make Cuvees Fine Wines a better experience for you. If you wish to leave us a message, please send us an email to cs@cuveesfinewines.com.

For our agency labels, please visit www.cuvees.com.