The photos don't match the wine name, vintage and / or format
We try our best to locate the relevant photos to each wine, its respective vintage and / or format. Where we aren't able to locate them, we will have to use a photo that is the second most relevant.

Does "MOQ" = minimum for free delivery?
What we mean by "MOQ" at Cuvees Fine Wines is the minimum order quantity for each particular wine. For wines that we have in our Hong Kong warehouse and are available for immediate delivery, the MOQ is usually 1 bottle. For wines that are located in France, the MOQ is usually 12 bottles (or the total amount less than 12 bottles). This is different from the minimum purchase for free delivery, which is HKD5,000.

Wine list doesn't appear properly in mobile and tablet view
Our apologies. We are working on improving the mobile and tablet functions and we hope to have it updated soon!

2015 and 2016 Vintages
At the time of writing this message (July 2017), the 2015 vintages are being released or they are about to be released at the end of the year. For the vast majority of the 2015, we can have them shipped to you by the end of the year. As for the 2016 vintages, those of course are EP (En Primeur) wines and you'll have to wait even longer!